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      The 2nd AIIPS is hosted by NOS Accelerator, Shenzhen Investment Holding Company (SOE), and Sinno Lab (Belgium) this year. This is an annual private investment and partnership event supported by the Shenzhen Government, Technology and Innovation Centre and Consulate of Belgium.


       We aim to target high-tech companies which trying to expand their market to China, to discover the investment opportunities behind the value of joint ventures. We believe the best way grow is to have strong local partners who consistently seeking mutual benefits for long-terms. On the day, we are inviting exceptional investment institutions, strategic directors of large corporates, and financial groups to listen to our selected European technology companies' presentations.

12th June, Shenzhen
14th June, Hangzhou
What are we looking for?
Fintech or

VIP Guests

0 (1).jpeg
Joris Salden

Consul general of Belgium in Guangzhou at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belgium

Tim Yongzheng Chen

Co-Chairman of Suirui Technology Ltd, Founder of Ruiyunyongzhi Capital

Yongli Wang

Chief Economist of Haiwang Group

Philippe Snel

Managing Partner of DA WO Law Firm

Jane Jie Wu

Partner of Ruiyunyongzhi Capital

Founder and CEO of NOS Accelerator


Direct Investment from Our Venture Capital

Ruiyunyongzhi (锐云永智) AI Capital owns four 500-million RMB funds. We are looking for great technology firms who can joint venture with one of our Chinese businesses lines.

The fund focus on enterprises which are later than B round. 

The fund is managed by Tim (Yongzheng) Chen who is also our advisor. 

Gain Potential Local Investors

On side of our potential direct investments, we also invited a list of first-tier VCs around great bay area.  You may find the list of invited institutions below. 

We stressed on how the event can improve the communications for all parties, therefore we shall have prepared a teaser for each project and have ensured that they are interested in some of the presenting companies.

Potential Corporate Partnerships

Large traditional industry groups would love to learn how new technologies could transfer their business in diverse aspects, including efficiency, new profit stream, or more environmental solutions in processes. 

A popular combination is a joint venture structure which not only solving the problem of onshore funding but also helping the unfamiliarity of our business environment for overseas entrepreneurs. 

Deal Strategy Advisory 

Seizing opportunity depends not only on developing the right strategic vision but also moving it forward with agility and speed. We help you do both, integrating strategic perspective and execution insights throughout a deal. 


If you are interested, please press the bottom below to apply.

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