China Company Establishment


4:30 pm

Ready to take advantage of the Chinese market but do not know how to start? We are here to fulfill the gap and help you get through everything you need for China. 

Hong Kong Company Establishment


10:00 am

Hong Kong has been acting as the gate to China for decades, and it still is. The process for HK company registration is much simpler and applies the same law system as the west. 

Finance and Tax


10:00 am

Dealing with both China, Hong Kong, and overseas financial accounting systems can be a challenge for multi-country corporates, we provide an overall solution for companies which deal with different accounting standards, complex tax systems, and diversified payrolls. 

China Tax Rebate Package


10:00 am

Are you running a WFOE, Representative office, or joint venture in China? You may be eligible for a tax rebate.

China and Hong Kong Corporate Package


11:30 am

This is a package particularly designed for the greater bay area. In Shenzhen Qianhai, companies from Hong Kong received substantial benefits from local government, including much lower tax rates and flexibility on foreign exchange.
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