Would you like to learn more about the new advantages in China market?


We are delighted to have Myriam Zhou coming from China giving us a section about how to break into China. The workshop is specially designed for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are looking for new opportunities in China.


The workshop will answer the following questions:

1)      Timing

  1. When shall I start in China?

  2. Where shall I start my business in China?


2)      The importance of the Greater Bay Area

  1. Why is the GBA so important?

  2. Dos and Don’ts in the Greater Bay Area


3)      Incorporation

  1. How to incorporate in China?

  2. What’s WFOE?

  3. How could I work everything out if I am a foreigner and do not speak Chinese?

  4. What are the rules and regulations of company establishment?

  5. What are the types of companies in China?

  6. Which company type is the best type for my business?

  7. Is it possible to start on my own?


4)      Finance and Tax System

  1. What’s tax system like in China?

  2. How can I structure my business better with lower tax?

  3. How’s the payroll system like in China?

  4. Why you should outsource your finance and payroll management?

  5. How to find an investor for your business in China?


5)      Guest Speakers from China

  1. Creative Industry

  2. Fintech

  3. Artificial Intelligence


Introduction to the main speaker:

Myriam Zhou

CEO of China & Partners

Myriam found China & Partners in 2018, providing professional corporate services to entities expanding to China. Their service including company structuring/establishment, cross-border financial advisory and fund administration.

Myriam had experience in tech venture capital, she was the former managing partner of NOS accelerator. Before that, she worked in investment banking, specialised in HK IPO listing for PRC entities.

Myriam studied Computer Science at King's College London and owns an MBA from The University of Hong Kong. She is also a qualified chartered management accountant (ACMA, CGMA).