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We always focus on clients' needs

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We have helped many oversea companies to invest and develop their business successfully in China.

Also, We service corporate such as overseas listing company、private company that intend to have following business:

•International trade and business expansion

•International investment or M&A

•Going public (overseas) structuring

•Overseas business landing and development

•Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)



​In many cases, IFAs need to take care of their front, middle and back office at the same time. When the business is very complex and time-consuming, they may need to have a team to handle many execution work, which means that they need to hire a lot of employees to deal with such work, or take care of all the work by themselves without no mistakes made. This will put IFAs in a very stressful and inflexible situation, and it will also reduce the quality of customer service. C&P can become the perfect partner for IFAs, providing them with high-quality professional middle and back-end services, improving their efficiency, and helping them to better expand their business.

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In the fund industry, many fund managers seek diversification of fund investment tools and investment structures, but they often stop at a busy workload and lack the support of a professional team. C&P has well experience in fund services. Many fund managers who cooperate with us, such as offshore private equity funds, offshore hedge funds, offshore family offices, etc, are satisfied with the professional and high-quality level services of C&P. From the fund establishment, operation management, investment portfolio management, to the full-cycle administrative management, C&P can provide services to fund managers in the same area and in the same language with them.



C&P is a professional middle/back office supporting family offices. We assist family offices in family investment banking, family trusts, family funds, tax planning, etc. According to the needs of different family offices, we offer flexible and customised service solutions.

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C&P offer services to individual clients with full patience and attention in order to offer the highest quality of services to clients who has following overseas investment needs:

  • Global Investment Plan

  • Guarantee of corporate faith and inherit family trust

  • Real estate investment plan

  • Digital currency investment plan

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